Accessing & Updating Your Information

Accessing your academic information

Ordering an enrollment verification

An enrollment verification is used to show proof of enrollment to third parties such as student loan servicers or insurance companies.

  • Current students can order an enrollment verification from the TU Enrollment Verification in your Gibson Student tab.
  • Alumni and former students should contact us to order an enrollment verification.
  • Third-party requests for enrollment verification are fulfilled by the National Student Clearinghouse.

For undergraduate Newcomb-Tulane College students, requests for letters of of good conduct and/or good academic standing should be directed to the Office of Student Conduct.

Ordering a transcript

Learn more about ordering an official transcript.

Current students and alumni can access their unofficial transcript via the Unofficial Transcript link in Gibson. Unofficial transcripts can be downloaded via the Gibson link and cannot be sent from the Registrar’s Office to a student or alumni via email or U.S. mail.

Requesting degree verification

Learn more about requesting degree verification.

Accessing past syllabi/course descriptions

All course descriptions can be found online in the university catalog.

While our office can provide course descriptions, we do not maintain records of course syllabi. If you’re looking for the syllabus for a specific course, please contact the school or college that offered the course or the instructor directly.

Updating your personal information

Legal name

To update and/or change your legal name, submit the Correction/Change of Legal Name form. You will need to provide documentation supporting the name change (i.e., driver’s license, court decree, birth certificate, etc.).

Where your legal name appears

Your legal name will appear on all external documents including:

  • Student Accounts Receivable
  • Financial Aid
  • Responses to enrollment inquiries such as verification requests
  • Official Transcripts
  • Diploma
  • International Student Status
  • Student Employee/Payroll Information

Your legal name will also be reported to external entities such as the National Student Clearinghouse and all other external third parties.

Campus departments’ usage of legal names

Some campus departments must send student data to government agencies that verify the identity of students using the legal name, in some cases Social Security Number, and other personal identifiable information that prohibits the use of chosen name.

Changing your legal name

To update and/or change your legal name, submit the Correction/Change of Legal Name form. You will need to provide documentation supporting the name change (i.e., driver’s license, court decree, birth certificate, etc.).

Legal name privacy

As informed by FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, directory information may be disclosed to the public. Directory information includes but is not limited to the student’s legal and chose name.

You can elect full confidentiality, which withholds directory information, by using the Update Your Confidentiality Options in Gibson.

Withholding directory information:

  • Excludes a student from the public directory in Gibson. Exceptions to this include but are not limited to emergencies.
  • Prevents listing a student’s name in Commencement materials, Dean’s list, and other external reporting.
  • Prevents the university from confirming your student status (e.g., for the purposes of insurance verifications, graduate school applications, potential employment) without a signed release.

Contact information

Every 6 months, students are prompted to update contact information in Gibson. Between prompts, you can update your contact information using the Update Address, Phone & Email and Update Emergency Contacts links in your Gibson Student tab (under Records).

Date of birth, legal sex, and/or ethnicity

Contact our office to learn more about updating this information.

Adding or changing your Social Security Number (SSN)

Current students or incoming students who have confirmed their admission by way of enrollment deposit can use the Social Security Number Change/Update form.

If you’re an incoming student who has not yet confirmed their admission, contact our office for more information on updating your SSN.

Granting permission to allow TU to discuss your records with your parents

In alignment with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974), Tulane University may not provide information about your records with anyone other than you without your written consent.

Chosen name and pronoun

Tulane University provides the option for our student community to use first names other than their legal names to identify themselves.

Students can have their chosen name display on their diploma as long as the chosen name is on their student record. Contact our office to update your diploma name.

The University reserves the right to remove a chosen name if it contains inappropriate or offensive language, or is being used for misrepresentation. Students should use their legal name when conducting University business.

Federal reporting requires that we use the legal name for identity verification, which prohibits the use of the chosen name.

Adding/changing your chosen name and/or pronoun

Your chosen name and pronoun can be added or changed at any time in Gibson using the Chosen First Name and/or Chosen Pronoun link found in the Student tab (under Records).

If desired, once you’ve added/changed your chosen name, you can visit Splash Card Services to receive a new card. The new Splash ID will be free of charge if you exchange it with your current Splash ID.

What is a chosen name?

A chosen name is the name someone goes by in day-to-day life. For example, some people named “James” go by “Jim.”

Your chosen name should be the name that you use in social interactions. It should be a name that you want your professors and fellow students to call you. You cannot list a chosen name for the purpose of evading legal obligation.

Chosen names are used solely for Tulane’s internal systems; external systems (such as home-town newspapers) will continue to use your legal first name.

Students may only add a chosen first name. Students may not add a chosen middle or last name.

Where your chosen name appears

Your chosen name will appear on:

  • Splash ID cards
  • Faculty class rosters and grade rosters
  • Academic advising lists
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Tulane’s public online directory (unless you withhold directory information)
  • Other internal Tulane University documents

What is a chosen pronoun?

A chosen pronoun is a pronoun one uses to best represent one’s gender identity.

Where your chosen pronoun appears

Your chosen pronoun will appear on:

  • Faculty class rosters and grade rosters
  • Academic advising lists
  • Campus Health providers

Changing Visa type/citizenship

Students who require changes in visa type/citizenship should contact the Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS). OISS will review the appropriate documents required for the change in visa type/citizenship and communicate needed changes to our office for processing.