Grade Processing

Posting Grades

General Information

  • For all courses that do not follow the regular part of term the academic calendar, grades are due 48 hours after the final exam.
  • There is a 30 minute time limit before the Gibson Portal times out.
  • Recommended thatgrades are submitted in batches to ensure all changes are saved.
  • You can return to complete grading for the class at any time.
  • Clicking "Submit" will reset the timer and allow you to enter additional grades.

    You may click "Submit" multiple times.

How to Enter Grades on Gibson

  • Log on to Gibson Online and click the "Faculty" tab
  • Your course(s) are listed under the "Course List" for the selected term
  • Choose the course to be graded and click on "View" located on the far right
  • A new page will open; Select the tab "Final Grades"
  • In the Final Grades Column, select a grade from the drop drown menu
  • Once grades have been entered, select "Submit"
  • The following confirmation message will appear in green:"All records have been submitted successfully"
  • For any student that never attended the course, select "Never Attended"
  • Do not leave a blank grade - For any student who stopped attending the course for any reason, please enter the last date of academic participation.
    • Important!If a student has stopped attending the course, the last date of academic participation is the last date of class attendance.
    • The Registrar's Office will manually enter a grade of "UW" for an unofficial withdrawal based on this last date of attendance. A UW grade counts in a student's GPAas a failing grade and earns no quality points.

Instructors will receive automated email reminders if grades are not submitted by the deadline. If grades remain outstanding, the matter will be referred to the appropriate Dean's Office.

Helpful Tips

1. If you cannot see the “View” button to the far right, it is likely your screen resolution is set too high. Go to your computer settings and decrease the resolution.

2. If you do not see your course list for a selected term, you can either open an Incognito or Private Window or clear your cache by going to your internet browser history settings. This will require you to reenter your Tulane credentials.

Detailed Instructions

Entering Final Grades Entering Midterm Grades

For assistance with the grading process, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 504.865.5231 or submit a request through the Registrar Support Form.