Degree Audit

The Degree Works degree audit is a fundamental tool that serves as a compass for students and is an essential resource for faculty and staff.

For Students: Guiding Your Academic Journey

Degree audit is your roadmap to graduation. It is a dynamic tool accessible through your student portal that allows you to track your academic progress, view degree requirements, and plan your course of study. Key features include:

  • Course Completion Tracking: Easily view completed, in-progress, and remaining courses required for your degree.
  • Credit Accumulation: Keep track of earned credits and see how they align with degree requirements.
  • What-If Analysis: Explore how changes in major, minor, or course selections affect degree progress.
  • Advising and Support: Use degree audit as a valuable resource during academic advising sessions to ensure you're on the right path to graduation.

Degree Works for Students

For Faculty & Staff: Enhancing Academic Advising

  • Faculty members play a crucial role in guiding students toward successful degree completion. Degree audit empowers faculty to:
  • Advise Effectively: Access students' degree audit reports to provide tailored guidance and ensure students make informed decisions.
  • Monitor Progress: Quickly assess a student's academic status, helping identify at-risk students and offering timely support.
  • Curriculum Development: Collaborate with departments and administrators to refine course offerings based on degree audit data.
  • Streamlined Advising: Expedite the advising process by having real-time access to students' academic plans and progress.

Degree Works for Faculty & Staff