Reserving a Room

Request a General Pool Room

To request a reservation

  1. Click the button above to be taken to EMS and log-in using your Tulane credentials.
  2. Click “create a reservation” from the left side of the page. NEW
  3. Click “book now” next to the “General Pool Classroom Form” NEW 
  4. Enter the date, times, building preference (or “All” for no preference) and attendance.
  5. Click the Find Space search button.
  6. Click the plus sign next (+) to the location(s) you would like to request, which will be added to your Selected Locations.
  7. Click the Details tab and complete the form.

Note: Please allow at least two full business days (longer during busy events such as orientation and commencement) for confirmation of your request.

General Pool Classroom Policies


The primary function and use of any Tulane University ("University") facility shall be for purposes related to University's mission of education, research, and/or service. Classroom assignments for academic classes are not processed via this website. Please contact us with all academic class requests.

All academic class meetings and final exams take priority over any reservation booking made here. For that reason, requests for a future term cannot be reviewed until two weeks after the term has started, as during this period, academic classes may need to relocate to meet instructional needs. Term start/end dates can be found on the Academic Calendar on the Registrar’s website. A confirmed booking may still be changed by the Registrar’s Office, if necessary, with sufficient notice to the requester.


University faculty, students and staff may request reservation of any room in the general pool inventory. Student Organizations must be included in the approved list. Every request from a student organization must include the phone number and Tulane email address of both the student contact AND of the sponsor or advisor assigned to the club. Advisor email and phone numbers may be included in the “notes” section of the request.


The Office of the University Registrar (“the Registrar”) is responsible for reviewing and confirming all EMS (EMS) General Pool room requests (which will only be accepted through EMS), and will email the final confirmation status to the person who submitted the request (“requestor”). All inquiries from the Registrar concerning the use of the room will be directed to the requestor. The Registrar cannot disclose the name of any organization or event that may conflict with all or part of a request.

Please allow at least two full business days (longer during busy events such as orientation and commencement) for confirmation. Reservations are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. A requestor who determines that they no longer require a confirmed reservation must cancel the reservation via EMS.

In the Rooms

All general pool rooms include technology. All general pool classrooms include telephones with the contact information for Technology Services, should their assistance be required. 

View a detailed list of the equipment in any room

No food or drink is allowed in general pool rooms, by order of the Provost.

Contact Info

Any questions can be directed to the Registrar’s Office: (504) 865-5231.

If this is your first request, you will need to click the magnifying glass next to Group and choose the Tulane student organization or academic department you represent. If you don’t see an account for your group, please contact us