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Liaison for Veterans Affairs

Apply for the Yellow Ribbon Program at Tulane University:

NOTE: Students must be eligible for 100% of the Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) benefits to be eligible for the Yellow Ribbon program.

The Veterans Affairs office is an office within Tulane University's Office of the Registrar, that provides services to veterans and survivors of veterans who are eligible for veteran's educational benefits under the Montgomery GI Bill and Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program. The office helps students apply for benefits, provides information, and serves as a liaison between the student and the VA Regional Processing Office.

Students must contact the Tulane University Veterans Affairs Office to provide information on their intent to use veterans benefits (i.e. what chapter) before the certification process with the VA can begin. You may contact Belinda Ramie in person at the Registrar's Office, Room 102 at 110 Gibson Hall, by phone at (504) 314-2857, or by email

The coordinator of Veterans Affairs is your advocate and will ensure that all veterans and their survivors are aware of the various benefits available to them.

Students who are in the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (SPHTM), Medical School, the A.B. Freeman School of Business in Houston, TX, or the School of Professional Advancement’s Biloxi, MS campus MUST BE CERTIFIED BY THOSE SCHOOLS each semester and not by Belinda Ramie. The contact information for each is:

SPHTM - Susan Cantrell (504-988-7642)
MD - Allys Dierker (504-988-7423)
Houston campus of AB Freeman School of Business - Debra Nowak (713-586-6411)
SoPA campus in Biloxi - Patti Oates (601-605-0007)

It is the student's responsibility to report all enrollment changes to the Tulane University Veterans Affairs office as soon as they occur in order to maintain disbursement of the education benefits.

SoPA Enrollment Verification Form

This form is required to be completed every semester by the VA students attending classes in Biloxi after they are registered for classes and must be turned in or sent to the VA Representative at the Biloxi campus. The form is also required to be signed by the student’s Academic Advisor to indicate that the classes the student is taking that semester are applicable to their degree. Any questions should be referred to Ms. Patty Oates at the Biloxi campus.

G.I. Bill

Free Financial Aid Guide for Military and Veterans


VA Information Sites

Military Service Schools

The School of Professional Advancement at Tulane is pleased to be a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges. Since Tulane is a private university, SoPA has no special residency or legal domicile requirements found at state institutions. SoPA has an "open" admissions policy that places more emphasis on a student's potential rather than his or her past educational record. Students are admitted if they have graduated from high school or have a GED. There are no admissions tests or required ACT/SAT scores.

SOC Criteria

The School of Professional Advancement became a voluntary member of SOC in order to help meet the undergraduate-level educational needs of both active-duty and retired military servicemembers. The School of Professional Advancement has agreed to extend to servicemembers educational opportunities that may be distinct from common institutional practices both at Tulane and many other colleges and universities. This is best characterized by The School of Professional Advancement agreeing to be flexible and recognizing the unique and sometimes limiting conditions faced by servicemembers. This includes awarding credit through the use of CLEP and other accepted practices, and the use of the ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.

Local Veterans Affairs Offices