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In an effort to maximize our service capabilities, we are collecting service requests via the Registrar Support form instead of email. Once your request is submitted, our staff will work on your request and follow up with you. Thank you for your patience during our transition

Student FAQs

General Information

What are your office hours?

8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday

Where is your office located?

6823 St. Charles Ave.
110 Gibson Hall
New Orleans, LA 70118

What is your fax number?

(504) 865-6760


How do I order a transcript?

Official transcripts can be ordered online from any location 24/7 by current students and alumni of the university. Current students may order electronic and/or mailed transcripts through the “Order A Transcript” link in Gibson Online. Alumni, former students, and CIEE students may order electronic and/or mailed transcripts through our Order a Transcript page

Official transcripts can be sent via secured PDF or via paper in a signed and sealed envelope through standard USPS. Expedited shipping is available at an extra charge.

We can process transcripts ordered in person on demand for a fee. Otherwise, please allow 2-3 business days for the processing of transcripts ordered in person, up to a full day for the processing of transcripts ordered online, and 5-7 days for paper mail delivery.

If you are in the New Orleans area, please feel free to pick up an official transcript in person at the Office of Registrar counter in Gibson Hall, Rm 110, Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-5PM.

Can I have someone else pick up my transcript?

Students can send family members or friends to pick up or request a transcript on their behalf. If you are sending someone else to pick up your transcript on your behalf, please provide him/her with a letter that clearly states your name and student ID number, his/her name and what you are allowing him/her to do (Ex. I John Doe (U12345678) allow Jane Smith to pick up my official transcript.). Please ensure that the letter includes your handwritten signature. We do require your signature due to FERPA privacy regulations.

Please be sure to have the person bring a photo ID and a copy of the letter to the Office of Registrar.

Which departments at Tulane receive transcripts electronically?

The following at Tulane receive transcripts electronically: Undergraduate Admissions, Undergraduate School of Professional Advancement, the Academic Advising Center, and the Payson Center.

How much do transcripts cost?

You can receive one free transcript per week if you request it in person and pick it up 2-3 business days later or have it mailed to an address.

Official transcripts are $5 per paper copy in person when ordered on demand or when ordering additional copies. Official transcripts are $7.50 per copy via electronic delivery when ordered online. USPS First Class mail service is an additional $2.50. We accept cash (in office only), debit/credit (Visa or Mastercard), and/or checks in person. Payment is accepted during the online ordering process.

How do I order an unofficial transcript?

All students can access unofficial transcripts through the “Unofficial Web Transcript” link in Gibson Online.

Please note that our office is unable to mail unofficial transcripts.

How do I get a copy of course descriptions?

All course descriptions can be found online in the university catalog.

How do I obtain a syllabus from years ago?

While our office is able to provide you with course descriptions, we do not maintain records of course syllabi. If you are in need of the syllabus for a specific course, please contact the school or college that offered the course or the instructor directly.

How do I include a document that must be sent with my transcript?

When ordering a transcript in person, return the transcript request form with the document that must be attached and we will send them together. When ordering a transcript online, you will be presented with the option of attaching a document.

What is the 'Graduation App Rcvd Reg Hold'?

This hold is added to a student’s record as a result of the Registrar’s Office receiving an application for graduation. The hold is placed on the record to ensure that the student does not register for classes beyond graduation without being admitted to a new program.


What is an immunization hold?

Louisiana law requires that all full-time and many part-time students be immunized against a number of diseases in order to attend university. If students have not met the immunization requirements set forth by the Student Health Center, a hold will be placed on the student record, which will prevent students from registering for classes.

If you have an immunization hold on your record, you must work with the Student Health Center directly to meet your immunization requirements.

I want to register for classes, but I have an accounts receivable hold on my account. What do I do?

To resolve an accounts receivable hold on your student account, you will need to settle your account through the Accounts Receivable office. Students may not be able to register for courses, receive official transcripts, receive their diploma or make adjustments to their schedule if there is an accounts receivable hold on their account.

How do I drop a class?

Log onto http://classschedule.tulane.edu. Click on Register (Add/Drop). Select “Drop” from the Registration Status drop down menu. Click submit registration. If you have any difficulty with dropping a course, contact your academic advisor in the advising center, if you are a full-time undergraduate student. For all other students, contact your dean’s office for assistance with dropping a course.

What are Tulane's CEEB/SAT and ACT codes?

Our CEEB/SAT code is 6832.
Our ACT code is 1614.

Updating Personal Information

How can I update/change my name?

To update and/or change names, a student should submit the Correction/Change of Legal Name form. The student will need to provide documentation supporting the name change (i.e., drivers license, court decree, birth certificate, etc.) 

Can I give access to my parents to discuss my records?

Full-time undergraduate students should contact the Academic Advising Center and complete the Student Authorization for Release of Information Record form (the FERPA form). This allows the academic advisor to discuss information pertinent to the student with his/her parent.

Graduate students must contact the Dean's Office of the program in which they are enrolled.

School of Professional Advancement students must contact the School of Professional Advancement.

What is FERPA?

FERPA, or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, is a federal law, which dictates that a student’s educational records may not be disclosed, without the express consent of the owner of said record (the owner being the student).


How can I receive proof of enrollment?

You can access enrollment verifications through the “TU Enrollment Verification” link in Gibson Online.