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2006 Spring Official Enrollment

Hurricane Katrina forced the closing of Tulane University for most of the fall 2005 term. While there were a few limited classes held at remote sites in the area, there were no classes held on the university's main campus. Our students visited away at over 600 institutions during this period. Therefore, no formal enrollment figures will be published for fall 2005. For most reporting purposes, it is suggested that fall 2004 data be used. However, the official Spring 2006 Enrollment counts are presented via PDF for your information.

Prior Year Enrollment Summaries

Total Enrollment

Full-Time Enrollment

Full-Time Equivalents

Enrollment by Gender

Enrollment by Ethnicity

University Profile Assumptions
  • The Classification summary includes all students, both full and part time.

  • Freshmen (First Time) counts only first time full time students classified as freshmen. Continuing freshmen are counted separately in Freshmen (Other). In past years, this group has not been segregated in the profiles.

  • Medical Residents and Fellows are included in the overall counts and in the university's FTE (all as full time). They are also included in the Gender category but not in any of the other demographic categories.

  • Average Course Load is computed in the usual manner except that those students enrolled for zero hours (for example thesis and or dissertation) are ignored for purposes of the calculation. It is important to remember that the undergraduate colleges shifted from mostly 4 credit courses to 3 semester hours as of Fall '95.

  • Full Time Equivalents are computed as the sum of all full time students plus one-third of the part time count.

  • Living On Campus refers to those students residing in all residence halls on the uptown campus including Aron but not Rosen. Hawthorne Hall located on the downtown campus is also not included.

  • Over 25 Years Old refers to students who have reached their 25th birthday by August 1st in the report year.

  • New Admits includes all students admitted for the Fall term in question including first time freshmen and transfer students, readmits, guest students etc.

  • Foreign students as of Fall '98 are defined as those students who are non-resident aliens. This category no longer includes permanent residents from other countries.

  • Ethnic counts as of Fall '98 include both citizens of the United States as well as citizens of other nations who are now permanent residents in this country. Changes in this definition (as well as that of foreign students) were made in order to remain consistent with IPEDS reporting.

  • Geographic Regions are those chosen by the office of Institutional Research and are preset in the SIS database. This summarizes the student-reported permanent addresses of non-foreign students. New Orleans (defined as any address bearing a ZIP prefix of 700 or 701) was first listed as a separate area in 1989. Prior to '89 New Orleans area students were included in the Louisiana region.

  • Note: Most Engineering graduate level students were transferred to the Graduate School after the 2003 profiles were published.