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General FAQS

What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is a web-based, degree auditing and tracking tool which enables students and advisors to evaluate academic progress towards graduation in accordance to overall university requirements and specific academic program requirements outlined in the University Catalog.

How does Degree Works work?

The Degree Works audit identifies courses completed at Tulane, along with in-progress coursework or transfer credits accepted by Tulane, and displays how those courses are applied to a student\'s declared academic program (degree, major, minor, and/or certificate) according to the requirements as outlined in the University Catalog.

How is Degree Works different from the previous degree audit system (DARS)?

Degree Works is an advising tool which will produce a much easier to read and user-friendly degree audit. Degree Works will give students and advisors more thorough information when selecting coursework and understanding degree requirements. One major benefit for students is that Degree Works allows for direct linking from the audit worksheet to course information in the Catalog, giving students better information on the courses required for their degree. Another of the many special features of Degree Works is that it will allow advisors to submit approved course substitutions electronically. This will greatly reduce the time it takes for exceptions to show in the audit, giving students more timely information as to how their coursework applies to their Degree.