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Covid-19 Grading Policy for School of Liberal Arts Graduate Students

  1. Graduate students may elect to take their spring semester courses P/MP/U. Instructors will not be informed of their election and will report a letter grade for each student. Such election must be made no later than May 11, 2020, regardless of graduation status.
    a) For the purposes of graduate education, a “P” is defined as anything between A and B; “MP” as B-; and U is anything below that
    b) Departments will accept without prejudice a grade of “P” as earning credit, and advancing toward degree
    c) Departments will accept a “MP” as earning credit, but equivalent to a probationary degree
    d) A “U” grade earns no credit
  2. Milestone events (e.g., qualifying exams, dissertation defenses, etc.): graduate students may elect without prejudice to delay spring semester milestone events until the fall semester.  They may do so by informing their DGS of their election, and cc Ann Schumacher, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs in the School of Liberal Arts
  3. Maximum time to degree is automatically extended an additional year for any Ph.D. student beyond course work. For students who are currently in course work, and who finish the semester (whether or not they take advantage of the temporary grading policy above), maximum time to degree remains 7 years.

Thank you,
Brian T. Edwards
Dean, School of Liberal Arts
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA