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Chosen Name & Pronoun Policy

Tulane University recognizes that some members of our student community use first names other than their legal names to identify themselves.

Students can enter a chosen name through Gibson Online, regardless of whether or not they have legally changed their name. This option is found on the student tab under the Records link.

Entering a chosen name will change the first name that appears internally at Tulane. Please be aware that use of a chosen name will also change the first name displayed in the Tulane public online directory. Individuals are free to change their chosen name provided that the request is sincere and it is not for the purpose of misrepresentation (i.e., using the process to avoid a legal obligation). Students should use their legal name when conducting University business. 

In addition, students will also be able to indicate their chosen gender pronoun (he, she, they, or chosen name only). This information will be shared with academic advisors, Campus Health providers, and faculty to support students during their time at Tulane. These pronouns will appear on class lists, grade rosters, and advising lists.

Please Note: chosen names are used solely for Tulane’s internal systems; external systems (such as home-town newspapers) will continue to use your legal first name. 

The University shall maintain a record of the student’s legal name which will be used when required by University business or legal need. All external reporting of your name must, by law, use your legal name. 

Places Where Chosen Name & Pronoun is Used

  • Splash Card
  • Class Rosters and Grade Rosters (and Chosen Pronoun)
  • Advisee Lists (and Chosen Pronoun)
  • Unofficial/Advising Transcripts
  • Directory Listing (unless you withhold your directory information via Gibson Online)

Chosen Names and Diplomas

Students who have a chosen name other than their legal name may use this name on their diploma. This chosen name must be recorded on file with the University Registrar.

Changing Your Splash Card

After entering your chosen name you can visit the Splash Card Office in the LBC to receive a new card.

Places Where Legal First Name must be Used

  • Student Accounts Receivable
  • Financial Aid
  • Responses to enrollment inquiries such as verification requests
  • Official Transcripts
  • Diploma
  • International Student Status
  • Student Employee/Payroll Information

Keeping Your Legal Name Private

Under FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, directory information may be disclosed to the public. At Tulane, directory information includes, but is not limited to, the student’s name and chosen name. A student who does not want to be included in the directory can withhold directory information via Gibson Online. This is subject to certain exclusions, including but not limited to emergencies. It is important to know that withholding directory information means that you will not be listed in the directory, commencement materials, the Dean’s List, and any external reporting. The University will not be able to confirm your student status (e.g., for the purposes of insurance verifications, graduate application, or potential employment) without a signed release. The ability to opt out of directory information is available at the Update Confidentiality Flag link via Gibson Online. For more information, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 504-865-5231. 

Tulane University's FERPA Policy

Changing Your Legal Name

Students who wish to change their legal name must supply supporting legal documentation.

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